CBK: 2nd Platoon
Tag: [CBK2] Web: Official website Fans: 12 Created: 2012-07-27

Platoon Presentation

This is a hardcore platoon.


ColdBloodedKillas' 1st and main platoon can be found here ---> http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391305565418/

Register at our site http://coldbloodedkillas.com/


This is a 2nd platoon to the clan CBK. All are welcomed regardless of stats. 2nd platoon will serve as an probationary period and help build up stats for all 1st platoon applicants/members.

There is only one requirement, activeness. Activeness, mic, stats are key factors to determine one's promotion/membership to/in CBK's 1st platoon. If you don't have a mic but want to run with the CBK tag. This is the place for you til you get a mic. Lacking stats to get in 1st platoon? You join here and together we'll build up your stats.

Membership in 2nd platoon will allow you to take part in all CBK affairs on BF3. When a clan battle takes place, understand that 1st platoon members have priority. After that, 2nd platoon members with mics. Communication is key. You will wear [CBK2]. Only proven members will wear [CBK].

Please add all leaders listed below to your PSN friends list.


Battlelog/PSN Contacts:

Rifle_Macc/ RIFLE-MACC (Leader)
FuuuuuuRaaaaage/ SCHITZ-ON-YOU
BearWalken1982/ xX-bearwalken-Xx

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