Wings West
Tag: [WW] Fans: 10 Created: 2012-08-02

Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Best Javvy around

This a fun gaming platoon, Who dont take gaming seriously like many platoons/clans. The reason for this is at the end of the day its just a game.

Lets just all get in a game and enjoy ourselves. We don't support Jet ramming or any other childish behaviour like that.

If you do become a complete arse towards other Wings West members you will be removed from the platoon. We have our own server which any member can use when they want, All members of Wings West will have VIP priority for the server so anytime you have to queue to get in our server you will automatically be put to front of the queue, unless myself or Presutrn are already in the server . Just msg me or join the xbox live party and let us know your wanting to get in the server and we will kick a ramdom non member to let you in.

Current memebers of Wings West Platoon :-

MeatFly - (Founder) (playing as Meat Fly)
Presturn - (Co-Founder) (playing as Presturn)
BobbyBarnett (playing as Rooster2002)
DopeyJoe1991 (playing as ZeTeC ToXicZz)
arcatebattle (playing as yaron7)
paytonh (playing as CDG Triumphz)
Mortalpains (playing as RED L1ZARD)
Brandon Kay (playing as Velom1natus)

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