Tactical Pirates
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The tactical pirates are known for their aggressiveness. We engage and destroy the enemy using flanks as well as mess around in Rhibs when we know the team will lose or if we just feel like messing around.

Members of this platoon are handpicked by their performance in game.

-This clan is basically here for friends and people to keep in touch and request parties.
-This is a moshpit platoon If you want people to join you, just write on the wall.
-We will only schedule clan activities if the members themselves suggest it or we get a request from a different clan.
-Due to complaints from my last platoon, I will NOT be organizing activities myself.
-You MUST live in the United States and understand Zulu Time. A brief explanation follows:
1200 in NE=1300 in NY=1800 Zulu
1200 in NE=1200 in NE=1800 Zulu
1200 in NE=1100 CO=1800 Zulu
1200 in NE=1000 CA=1800 Zulu
-Do not expect me or the leaders to play with you on off-days very often. It depends on what we are doing and if we feel like joining you.
-All applications will be read thoroughly by me. Any history of misconduct will not be tolerated.

Squads- squads are made to keep people where they need to be. Squad leaders will have team based mics to communicate with other squads. Squads also have eight different roles that rotate out depending on the map and enemy tactics:
1. Tha Lead Boys- Basic rushing team, (dis)arms MCOMS, attacks flags.
2. Tha Defense- After assault cleans up and captures/(dis)arms MCOMS, support will be the defensive team [Comprised of machine gunners and snipers]
3. (Anti)Ship Swashbucklers- Depending on the situation, if assault needs armor or antiarmor personnel, this squad will do just that. Moves in with support escort.
4. RRTS- rarely used, comprised of two assault members, a recon, and an engineer, this team will be there if the enemy gets a fast flank or a surprise ambush on friendly units.
5. they be pickin' you off!- keeps their eyes trained on the objective AT ALL TIMES. engages in sniper duels here and there if needed, but usually doesn't allow enemies to plant/disarm.
6. Aviation/Transport- Jets, choppers, boats, etc. Provide support with strafing runs or pickup/dropoff. All transport chopper pilots will be trained by Robot_Panda15 (XxPhoenixFoxXx)
7. Tha Assault Boats- AAV and LAV crew. usually active for waterborne ops. Gets heavy flanks on enemy positions and kills everyone.
8. Tha Flagship- Phoenix, Austin, and Razgriz. We issue most orders and supply most tactics. We can fill any role we need to.

Squads for Upcoming Battles:




You will not be permanently filtered into these squads, and if you are not in a squad you are a reserve man that will fill in when others are gone for the match. It only means that we do not need your particular skillset. For instance: a strong tank driver will not be selected over a strong CQB man if the map is something like Metro.
Promotions are rare. We will only promote friends and others who we believe are worthy.

All members who are accepted into TACP must also apply to Task Force 19, under the command of Razgriz115

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