Defib Douches
Tag: [Dfib] Fans: 30 Created: 2012-09-07

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This is a clan that is NOT interested in Clan Battles

We play to have fun and to win

If you are interested in joining then please apply and i will check your stats,all i ask of you is to have a fairly good k/D ratio and SPM,"THIS IS NOT A PLAYGROUND FOR NOOBS",so please do not apply,

You dont have to wear the tags,This clan is to make friends with other people and add them on Playstation Network

We hate campers and bushwookies with stinger's/igla

You have to capture objectives/Arm,Disarm objestives

If give any Abuse to anybody you will be kicked without hesitation

It would preferable if you had a mic and spoke English but is not essential,

No music while playing battlefield as i wouldn't be able to hear the sneaky bushwookies footsteps behind me,and believe me you CAN HEAR THEM so beware there out there !

Please Spread The Word Bout This Clan And Become A Fan Even If Your Not Interested In Joining

Remember Always Shoot To Kill Those Noobs And We Will Get Rid Of This Infestation

If you have a friend that i dont know and he/she would like to join just tell him/her to apply its that simple !!!!!

This Platoon Should Be Active On Conquest,TDM or Close Quarters Domination though not essential

If you come across someone in our clan who is on the enemy team please feel free to troll =D

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