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This is the Cr4k battle clan only serious clan battle players allowed :) We use skype under the battles.
just add me on skype: joakimgiskaas
Follow this time sone:

If you want to put up a clan battle or practice just tell mrGISK, Gustav_95 or Aquos2202 about it!

If you're never online , never reply or is not active we'll kick you. If you can't do battles and can be active just join the Cr4k clan (open).
You need to have the TAG: [Cr4k]
Please don't be a clan jumper and join many other battle clans.....
We are a serious clan that wants to have clan battles and have fun .

-------------------------------------------------------------Matches completed------------------------------------------------------------------

First mach: loss against Death clan ,
2. win against GGD clan.
3. loss against Death clan.
4. win against SOAU clan:
5. loss against WeR1 clan

--------------------------------------------------------------Battles Scheduled------------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------Scheduled Practices-------------------------------------------------------------------


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