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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the platoon of "Angels ´n Rockets" - an international Battlefield gaming clan since 2006.

- This platoon is ONLY for members. If you like us you´re more than welcome to be a fan or to apply to our platoon, designed specifically for our friends, called: "Buddies of AnR Clan" :)
- Following our platoons does not mean you can use [AnR] tag in the game. [AnR] is reserved for full members
- If you want to join =AnR= you need to register on our website and apply

You are more than welcome on our TS3 or forum.

Please update your TS3 bookmark with the new server address:
PW: ponysquad35

Feel free to join our infantry server:
-> AnR - Infantry only (Metro - Bazaar - Seine Rotation)

Rules of the server:

Rule 1: No baserape
Rule 2: No roof camping/ No glitching
Rule 3: No SMAW, grenade, grenade launcher SPAM
Rule 4: Don't be an asshole
Rule 5: English only in chat ( squad/team/general chat)
Rule 6: Recruting for another clan than =AnR= is NOT allowed. You will be banned instantly. Only AnR's are allowed to recruit on the AnR server.

For you: If you feel mistreated by admins, complain at [b][/b].

Server info. We use the latest PBBans. So if you dont update PBuster; you will get disconnected. Hackers; be afraid!

VIP slots avalaible for everyone. Read more:
No more waiting in queue.
No more getting kicked for reserved slot.

==1 month VIP slot costs 3€ and 2 months only 5€!==

You can find donate button in right side of this website.

-> In donate description include your ingame name. After donating you can contact one of following server admins to get your slot faster:


-> After we have valitated your donation we will add your reserved slot to a server.
-> Owning VIP slot still means you have to follow server rules like any other player or admin. If you don't follow server rules you will lose your reserved slot after warning without getting your money back.
-> Also remember that if you change your ingame nickname you have to contact one of server admins.

Stay in touch with [AnR]:

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