Delta Force
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Platoon Presentation

welcome to the new delta force

1. no member or leader is allow to boost they rank at any time

2. no leader is allow to kick members because of personality reasons( if so leader will be demote )

3. members old or new must state why they are inactive for the time they did not play with the clan

4. no founders of another platoons are allowed to become an leader reason leaders must recruit for delta force once a month

5. no disrespect the leaders and no leaders are allow to disrespect members old or new

6. members and leaders must work as a team at all times even if they against other delta force or usso members

7. members of usso and delta force can choose to work with an ally clan

8. if members wish to join an ally clan they allow to do so

9. no member of ally clan is allow to make trouble with an usso or delta force member doing so will cause an clan war

10. members will have rights to be inactive if they wish to play other games but must state it on clan wall

11. if member is inactive for playing other game and not stating why they might be kicked for inactive time

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