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Platoon Presentation

Tank Rampage Squad Matchplay

Play fair, But play hard.

TRS Major (In Charge of Organising Clan matches)

TRS Captain (2nd in Command)
Scumage / Berks / Everyone else that wants to help!

TRS MERCENARIES is the matchplay platoon of TANK RAMPAGE SQUAD.

It is a platoon made for matchplay players only and members of TANK RAMPAGE SQUAD who wish to join and play in platoon matches are automatically accepted as a member of the Mercenaries.

Any other person who wishes to join may apply but will be considered by all members before being accepted, but this does not mean just anyone can join as you need to be known by a current member and prove your worth as a matchplayer.

Once you do become a member it does not mean you are a member of TANK RAMPAGE SQUAD you are only a member of the Mercenaries matchplay team. As a non TRS member you will be expected to wear the TRSm tags during matches for us.

Clan Match List:
4 : 2
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 0 vs. 3 (BMF) Big Mouth Finians
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 3 vs. 0 (WLrd) Warlords
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 3 vs. 0 (iHS) international Hit Squad
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 2 vs. 0 (BMF) Big Mouth Finians (match forfeited in Game 2 due to connectivity)
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 2 vs. 1 (CSP) Comber Spud Pickers
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 0 vs. 3 (IQ) IQ Gaming
Tank Rampage Squad (TRS) 0 vs. 3 (ApeX) Apex Gaming

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