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Platoon Presentation

welcome to the us army rangers

to become an member

1. you must have a mic and must be able to speak english for another members to understand you ( if you do not have a mic i can not all you to join the platoon )

2. you must have premium if not you will have a month or more to get premium but you if you fail to get it i will have no choice but to kick you from the clan unless a member is nice enough to game share if a member game shares they will be reward

3. you must be a major or higher to become an us army ranger now if your a rookie with no idea how the game works you will be send to ranger school into you become a major

4. you must have a kill ratio of 1.00 or higher to join unless your in ranger school

5. you must have a service star in 1 of 4 kits if you have more then one kit that will be great

6. if you wish to become an leader must fellow the rules to become an leader

7. you must have a win ratio of 1.00


now you want to become an leader of us army rangers right well

1. if your a founder of a clan you can not become an leader at all if you do and you clan is small like 5 or less members please leave your clan once you become an leader of us army rangers

2. you must led your squad to ace squad in matchs i choose to prove yourself to lead the rangers in clan matchs or normal matchs

3. your not allowed to change your tags for any reason once your an leader of us army rangers doing so will make you a normal member

4. you must be able to teach in the ranger school
to teach how to fly a jet or a kit

now here are the rules

1. if your inactive over a month period and have not be able to state why your allow to stay in the clan into you return

2. if your inactive over a month and your online playing another games without even playing one match with the clan your kicked no warning

3. once in a match please do not talk about stupid things like cartoons or girls

4. watch what you say in front of another teammates

5. no hacker or boosting

6. if your going playing another games please make time to play with the clan or i must put it as inactive time

7. once your a member or us army rangers you can not join ranger school unless you need to get better skills in a kit

thank you for apply to us army rangers

we also have a facebook page this page is update members who do not login in battlelog soon we will have an twitter and youtube page once i get the PVR

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