Team Of Destruction
Tag: [TOD] Fans: 21 Created: 2012-10-21

Platoon Presentation

-------------------------------------------------[ About us ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
We are a clan that prioritizes fun above all else. We are looking for fun people, with mics, who love teamwork and chatting, who aren't afraid to joke every once in a while. We seek a connection with every member, each and everyone of us has a right to his opinion, which will be heard and appreciated. We have a casual and a competitive side, so don't be afraid to explore either of them, please check out our server aswell.


clan battles :

ToD vS ToP : 0-2
ToD vS Army : 2-0
ToD vS BBB : 1-1
ToD vS ARAB : 1-1
ToD vS D3S : 1-0

Upcoming battles :

ToD Vs XSop