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WHO we are

IN The Beginning.

In the Beginning we started out as the Divisions. A group of gamers that for one reason or another enjoyed playing in each others company and eventually began to work well together. In this the idea of forming a plan came into question. But these players didn't want a clan that would just start and then fail as so many do. not just another Faze and then they would be forgotten. with this question, more questions formed such as : who would be the leaders? what is the reason we are forming? can we be more than just a clan the fights another day? and most importantly what do we stand for?

Clan or Mob?

Originally it started just to form a clan. To be honest it was more like a mob than anything else. no leadership, no morals, no purpose except to play. Over time leaders were appointed and training began and a name chosen. DIVISIONS. The name was chosen because it had a militaristic name in it and we could branch off if we so chose. But is also stood because it was so disorganized that the word division just fit.

Success! Sorta.....

Over time the Divisions began to make a name for itself. the players began bonding and the skill level began to rise. The divisions had broken through the fad faze of a clans life. However as it began to grow more Divisions were added such as 1st division, 2nd, 3rd all the way through 10th. Each company began bonding with others such as the 7th with 10th to form the 17th. and each division started slowly becoming its own clan.


Keep in mind at this time still no purpose had been set for the clan. What do we stand for? What is our basic strategy? What do we represent? Seeing the divisions slowly tearing each other apart from the inside out, Resistall decided that sense he was the current leader, he would make the decision to restart from scratch. He pulled a few Die Hard Division leaders from three different companies to try and iron out the situation. After three weeks of conference six of the questions had been answered and we stuck by them and the Divisions took on a new name.

The Grand National-Army.

The Divisions started from scratch and even renamed itself toThe National-Army. The Questions answered we had a leader so that one was out. The rest are as stated.

Q.1.What is the reason we are forming?

A.1. We come together to form a clan that is unlike any other. One that is respected, not for skill or of intimidation, but one respected for its dedication, respect of other clans and participants, as well as the sharpness of the performance of the current members.

Q.2. Can we Be more than a clan that lives just to fight another day?

A.2. Yes. We are more than just a clan that lives just to fight another day. Over a period of time, due to the set standard of rules and regulations carefully thought out by the NA administration, members begin to bond with a brotherhood/sisterhood, that no other clan has been able to create or keep. We are more than a clan, in a way we are family.

Q.3. What do we stand for?

A.3. We stand for troops around the world. National-Army is not just and American based clan. We have had people from all different cultures that participate and have been apart of the NA. from Germans, Austrians, Italians, British, Canadians, Australians, Mexicans, Americans and now Israel. We Stand, For the People around the world in service to their country, and to form lasting friendships.

Q.4. What is our basic strategy.

A.4. Simple. TEAM WORK! we use all types of strategies, but none work without teamwork. we support each other, and help each other. when someone fails, we pick them up and say try again. to the point of which if someone is not a team player, we fail. everything relies on teamwork. yes we have talented players. but our secret is each other.

Q.5. What else can we accomplish?

A.5. We can give those that want a chance a chance. We teach teamwork, precision, sharpness, stability, and of course how to be a good winner. OR a good loser. it is not that you win or lose, but how you play the game.

5th Division is an extension of the original National Army Clan.

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