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Welcome to 4v4 Match Creator. This is the place to find your Squad Rush matches. 4v4 Squad Rush matches are a great way to energize your platoon. It keeps them active and happy, and it's fun!

Only founders and leaders that clearly represent the platoon they are registering will be accepted. Your platoon page should reflect a competing platoon in English and be respectful. Please state your Platoon name and location along with time zone upon being accepted into the platoon. This is important so we can post them promptly.

*All application approvals are at the discretion of the leaders!*

The Platoon will be kept active, and inactive Platoons will be removed to keep things flowing. It's up to you as a challenger to follow through making sure the match time is correct in both Platoon's time zone.

Mistakes and misunderstandings do happen, so please communicate with the opposition if there are any reasons that the match cannot be made or if there is a need to reschedule.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< How To Create a Match >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Please post your platoon name, day and time you are looking for a match in the Platoon feed. Once contacted by a interested member then please friend and work directly with them. We encourage all matches to be E-sport matches created on Battlelog under multi player / Create a match.

Here are some helpful Time Zone websites:

Easy Time Zone Comparison

Time zone checker USA.

Time zone checker International


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