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Platoon Presentation

Australian/ New Zealand 5v5 Infantry Only Conquest Small Social Scrims~

Just a small set-up for friendlies between the AU/ NZ clans of BF3. If this becomes more popular, We will consider making it an official ladder.

Don't know what this is? Then take a look at this video.

We're Bringing the European 5v5's down here to Australia and New Zealand.

Teams can challenge any other Team via this platoon wall. You must pick 3 Maps from the Map pool with at least TWO BASE GAME Choices.

Rules for Infantry 5v5


1. Match Procedure
Both teams play 1 map with 2 rounds, one round on each side. The combined total of remaining tickets will determine the Victor.

2. Match Result
The tickets of both rounds count for the end result. The team that gained the highest ticket number in both rounds wins the match.

3. Map Pool
Note: You Must Offer at least TWO Base Game Maps.
Map Size: Small Conquest (32 slots),

Base Game (Default Tickets.)
Teheran Highway
Seine Crossing
Operation Métro
Damavand Peak
Grand Bazaar

B2K + CQ + AM
(Default Tickets)
Strike at Karkand #2
Sharqi Peninsula #2

(150% Tickets)
Ziba Tower
Donya Fortress
Operation 925

(Default Tickets)
Talah Market
Azadi Palace
Markaz Monolith

4.Perks/Unlock/Weapon Restrictions
These perks or items are not allowed to be used:

MAV drone
Spawn beacon
M320/ GP-30 (GL and LVG Variants, Buck and Smoke is allowed)
Slug Rounds on 870MC.

IRNV Scope
Tactical Light (including pistols with tactical light)

The use of the following weapons is not allowed:

Rules are Based off ESL EU and CGo AU/NZ

We can still debate what is allowed and not. We aren't Locked into these rules.

5. Challenging

You may challenge anyone on the ladder, It is an open and social ladder. Just play to have fun :)

[Your Team] Challenges [Defending Team]
Date and Times
Agreements are within the comments.

6. Victory and Defeat

Both teams must place scores within the comments section.

If you Challenge a team and Win, You will take their Ladder position and the teams below will drop down one position.

If you Beat a Challenger below your team, your position will remain unchanged.

If you Challenge a team below you and win, Your position remains unchanged. However if you lose, the defending team's Position will go up by 2.

Current Rankings

1. AIM: Recon
2. ARO
3. Ascension
4. Aurora Gaming
5. Battlefield Liquidatorz
6. FAP Platoon
7. Jokers
8. Refound Glory
9. Sons of Valour
10. Team diE
11. TG Bounty Hunters
12. Threat Gaming
13. Total Influence
14. Wolfpack

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