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SBA is all about being having fUN playing bF3. Trolling is a must lol. We scrim on weekends only.

For scrims contact founder or one of the leader. We only do 8vs8 CQ scrim..
We are no longer scrim m/kb babies okaaay?

*******No requirement to join*******


SBA Vs @ //2013 Time: Brisbane. Map: 12vs12 CQ 200%


**CQ Scrim Record**

2012 Scrim
SBA vs AFM 2-1= Win 16/12/12-

2013 Scrim
SBA vs Ozzy 3-0 = Win 24/01/13
SBA vs EVS 3-0 = Win 25/01/13
SBA vs AUS1 2-1= Win 27/01/13
SBA vs BBF 0-3=loss 10/03/2013
SBA vs GAMR 3-1=Win 22/03/2013
SBA vs AFM 0-3=loss 13/04/2013
SBA vs LOCQ 0-3=loss 19/04/2013
SBA vs NZLK 3-0=Win 20/04/2013
SBA vs TOA 2-1=Win 04/05/2013
SBA vs GARM 3-0=loss 08/06/2013
SBA vs MLG 3-0=Win 29/06/13
Ozzy ( Aussie Assassin ).
TGA (The Granite Army ).

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  • KIRIBATI2010 wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    okay boys we have to congrat one of our best singer on the x factor australia that she won tonight Dami.....ohhhh Yes baby.......hahahaha
    rumwa_kiribati AHAHAHAH
    5 years ago
    rumwa_kiribati gay founder
    5 years ago
  • kabatinouguy wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    A uara kurabemi kain te SBA....... eaaki kakaoti ami KNIFER are kabatinouguy bwa ae ea bae n aki rauniiia kain te XBOX 360..... ea onrake ana message n te taetaebuaka ngkai..........anyway au KNIFING BROTHER n te Battlefield 3 are kain te SBA.....continue n aki rauniia taan Knife man tanan CLAN ake tabeua ..tekeraoi gays
  • Nams_B joined the platoon SKULL BLACK ARMY
  • ClayDerpfields joined the platoon SKULL BLACK ARMY
  • Asleep0308Snake wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    Ai bon bwanaan te leader ao te moan baiteke in any Kiribati clan ae Asleep0308Snake nakon temanna ana tabonibai n te buaka ae Tanini (Tan-tek) ni kamatoaan ana berita ma raona n te bong aei.....ena rebwe 3 kanoan te AEK- ao n taorimwiaki ma tangin te SLUG ibukin kakoauaakin ao katonuan am bong aei......Happy Wedding Day ao tia bane ni kaitibo ikanne bwa tina kamauii nanona ni kang ika eaa Ngalulu... Kam rabwa General Shifu
  • KIRIBATI2010 wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    my internet connect but my ps3 is broken so i will not be active until i get a new one need to buy a new one is better to preorder ps4...thanks everyone each of you for supporting our loving platoon SBA...but please guys join our same platoon SBA on ps4........cheers and good luck guys......i will be active on battlelog
    MAYAI-GIRL you are little brothers broke it lol right
    6 years ago
  • KIRIBATI2010 wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    okay boys and girls kiribati2010 is now inactive bec my ps3 broken my son take out the lens from it so i will see you guy on ps4,,start now my new life....will be continue this platoon on ps4..
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    iX_BuSDriVer have you finish your bf3 assignment? you need to finish it before that lol
    6 years ago
    KIRIBATI2010 money talk not need to do work for assignment..
    6 years ago
  • KIRIBATI2010 wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    no problem bro, everyone now busy bec of work or study..but remember to not leave the platoon bec we dont kick out for an inactive member bec everyone of us inactive..
  • TheProjix-YT wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    Im gona leave this platoon since its inactive for so long now .. plus i don't play as much anymore... If it happens to be active again IM ALWAYS here
    rumwa_kiribati KO kewe bwa e a roko weteam iroun KING AUTHOR....tau tekeraoi bwaabwaim n te kateaki
    6 years ago
  • DarkCompanion689 wrote on the wall for SKULL BLACK ARMY:
    Smack bang one solid one..