Kontrolled Kaos Squad
Tag: [KKS] Fans: 11 Created: 2012-11-27

Platoon Presentation

There will be no set squads in this clan..just do what you are best at..

this clan can help you become a better soldier on the battlefield..if you follow some simple tips

Have half a brain..call out objectives and enemies..
Communication is key to victory.

Stay with your squad....remember strength in numbers

We don't need rambos or lone wolfs....


Assault- shoot and heal people

Engineer-blow shit up and fix vehicles

Support-blow shit up and supply ammo .
.don't make your squad have to chase you down for ammo..

Recon-set soflams set spawn beacons..IN GOOD POSITIONS!!! And recon and report..communication its key!! Oh yea..also shoot people...

Remember strength in numbers..one man may take an objective but he can't hold it...

Also know that certain maps call for certain roles to be played more than others

The name is "KONTROLLED KAOS" because

!!!!!!!!!! WE KONTROL THE KAOS !!!!!!!!!!


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