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Platoon Presentation

We are a Platoon made up of dogfighters from many clans coming together for pure dogfight training.

Our leaders are exceptional pilots that have all agreed to fly/train with anyone from this platoon who asks. Please feel free to add any of the leaders on battlelog or message them on psn for some training time. We have the biggest pool of dogfighting knowlege here and It's FREE people, use it.


We have some servers set up for dogfighting. Before you go in to one there are some RULES you need to know.

1. Do not troll the dogfights.
2. Do not troll the spectators.
3. Do not grab the jet unless its agreed its your turn.
4. Please do not go in the training servers without a mic, without messaging anyone and expect to get a turn. Anyone who wants training time needs to comunicate with the other pilots in the room.
5. BIG RULE for SPECTATORS - Please do not go into the server and start killing each other with rockets, blackening the ground with rockets/C4 ect. It causes fps to drop which makes for a laggy dogfight.

---------------------------------------------------------------Training servers---------------------------------------------------------------

got scissors?

---------------------------------------------------------------YouTube channels--------------------------------------------------------------- (Voltex's channel)


This Platoon is reserved for dogfighters only. Please do not try and join this Platoon unless you are a dogfighter.
Thank You :)

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