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Welcome to the Team!

Elite Extraction is a community that was founded December 17th 2012. We have awesome members that are the best of the best. We are a community of members located around the globe with a majority of members from North America, Europe, and Australia. At Elite Extraction our main goal is to have fun and play games how they are meant to be played, with friends. We enjoy organizing many awesome events that are open to all members of the clan. Events such as Smoke and Knives, One Life, Death Race's and more. You'll never find a more comforting platoon than Elite Extraction!

We are more then your typical clan, we are a community. Members of Elite Extraction are all connected with the use of the tags EXT. We treat each other like brothers. Anyone is accepted into Elite Extraction, we do not judge on KD, SPM and kills etc. We are all equal.


Squads & Practice! 

We train every weekend and encourage other members to join in and have some fun. Each week we look at new tactics hosted by Koriken273 and Evo-_Ace. This helps our team communicate better with one another and above all, play as a team! 

To organise our training team, we use the global military standard squad system to organise our members. When you first join Elite Extraction a platoon leader will place you in a squad. These are your new brothers, when in a match or a clan battle you must join up with your squad. Each squad has a leader at the top of the list. He is the one who will be on Team Chat while the members in his squad are on Squad Chat. The leader will relay any messages from different squad leaders over to his squad. 

☞ Squad Roster: goo.gl/NsHsP


Social Media & Youtube!

We are spread widely across the web with Facebook, Email, Websites, Twitter, Youtube and more. All media is a monitored daily by Koriken273, Evo-_Ace, and KrnjajicMajic. If you have a PVR and would like to record for the platoon's youtube feel free to let us know on our page's!

At Elite Extraction we have a dedicated team that upload daily video's of weapon reviews, trolling, clan battles and much more! We are partnered on Youtube and are growing each and every day! If you have a working PVR, let KrnjajicMajic know and we will get you in the program.


Join the Team!

You must first complete your probationary period with the tags "EXTp". The process may take up to 1-4 weeks. During the process you will be assessed on skills and how well you communicate and respond to the leaders of the platoon. We then decide if you are fit enough for the platoon.

Like what you've read so far? See if you meet the requirements!

// 1 // Must respect all members.
// 2 // Must have a mic, if not you will remain a member
// 3 // Must be active on battlelog. All updates will be posted on our page
// 4 // Must wear the "EXT" tags at all times, or will be kicked from the platoon after one warning.
// 5 // Must not discriminate. All members must be treated the same way.
// 6 // Must communicate effectively in games.


✯ Elite Extraction Clan Battles ✯

With 70+ members we find it hard to let everybody participate in clan battles and bring home the victory. We have introduced a solution to the platoon. When we have 12v12's we allow anybody to join in. When we have smaller battles we call in the competitive devision. You can apply for the competitive devision if you have a SPM of 420 and KD of 1.2.

If interested in setting up a clan battle, Contact Evo-_Ace, KrnjajicMajic or DESTROYER_C4.

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. USCB ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. LGND ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. CoKa ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. 6FU ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. RES ▸ [WIN]

[L] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. HIV ▸ [LOSS]

[L] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. SiCk ▸ [LOSS]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. SAS ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. SWS▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. MIA ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. NIFE ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. GoD ▸ [WIN]

[W] ✖ Elite Extraction™ vs. KURD ▸ [WIN] #1 Platoon in Kurdistan


✯ Contact us! ✯

▸ Email: EliteExtraction@gmail.com

▸ Youtube: www.youtube.com/EliteExtraction

▸ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EliteExtraction

▸ Twitter: #EliteExtraction

▸ Website: http://hiphopjk.wix.com/theextraction

Apply to join EXT Facebook Group here: www.facebook.com/groups/EliteExtraction/



▸ [TWT] - Tactical Warfare Team


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