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Platoon Presentation


For Clan Info get registered at :

This Platoon is a Subsidiary of NG3 platoon.Those players Who are willing to join NG3 or are already in NG3 but still does not Meet the Minimum Requirement in NG3 will be Temporarily placed Here until they meet the minimum Requirement to stay in NG3 main.

NG3 Main Platoon :


Recruitment : - Fill up the form in the Given link ::


Directly Connect To our Teamspeak channel via webpage from ::

or manually at address :

Few Simple Rules ::-

1)Must Use iNG3 clan tag when ever you play.

2)Any use of Glitch/Hacks will lead to immediate Ban.

3)This is a Multinational Clan so first Preferred language is English.

4)Maximum Absence in Clan Wars/ or In-activeness may lead to Kick.

5)Respect Each other.Discrimination on any basis will not be tolerated and will lead to BAN..

6)Be Interactive on Team-speak .

7) Do Not ask for Promotion ,you will be offered on basis of you service to Clan

8) You can be fan of different platoons or be in more than 1 platoon but No multi clan tag holding is allowed.

Platoon Pub Server 1 : -

Scrim Server : -

FB Page : -

FB Group :-

*NG3 Members will get preference to enter server if found full.

**Members once kicked/Banned will not be allowed to reapply.

Scrim Rules all According to ESL

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