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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for the official members. Average location for using servers USA North East coast
Current Average active members: 2 ( target is 3, trying to avoid having more then 4 people at once )
This platoon was created in order to promote teamwork and communications for a better gaming experience.
We have english and french members amongst our ranks but english is the language that prevails.
Actual average platoon server ''filter'' :
Most of us know how to play any game type or mode ranging from CloseQuarters to Armored kill.
We usually play on adaptive mixed 64 player servers.

mic ( or not ) at least TS software
-Spm : 600+ (we dont base it on stats)
-Spm with reset : 700+
OR willing to learn.
- not being a noob.
(you can be a noob with 600spm)
contact me or leaders for Ts IP. wich wont be listed here. Then join in, its best way to meet.
languages spoken: _English : All _ French: 2_Greek: 3 _ Other : 3
In AirWarfare pilots that would achieve 5 kills would be designated as ACE`s. In this platoon I consider ACE as A jack of all trades. Because ACE is on top of all adjectives used to describe skill. just before comes Elite (leet) According to a very old game that had 10 known words (dictionnary) to describe all 10 levels.
Update: introducing our new passive weapon: the ACE emblem, a work of art achieved by r-Yeleh

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