Zombie Outbreak AUS/NZ
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Platoon Presentation

Bringing Fun back into gaming!

After recently discovering the enjoyment of being chased by Zombies around BF3 i've decided to make it a regular thing within the AUS/NZ community.


Instead of me being a leader and making the decisions its going to be completely up to those who are in the platoon. From what maps we play , the rules and obviously voting people out if they disobey rules or just be generally inconvenient within matches,( And good reason must be given).


There will be no restriction on those who join, if you have a grudge against someone, mute them or deal with it. Running away from Zombies is no time to be fighting with your fellow survivors!


Everyone is welcome!
Whether you're wanting a break from the competitive scene or tired of trying to endure the pain of public servers or just want good times with fellow gamers!


Because this is very new I would like to hear some of the communities thoughts on what rules should be in place.


Official Rule set:

8-9survivalists vs 12 Infected

Survivors: will be squads of three, one being a medic who has a M26 MASS and a pistol of choice. For now we will say he can use Defibs just because it brings a whole new factor into the game, giving the player a decision to revive or take his kit and run! The other two can decide to use a XBOX(no explosive arrows) and a pistol of your choice.

*The reason why we say squads of three is because it allows admins/organizers to drop into your squad and check for any bs really. Whether it be we've heard a complaint that you've spawned in, or your using equipment which is illegal. I'm sure there will be bad understandings of the rules initially, but if we find ourselves continuously having to pull you up for it, you will find yourself kicked.

Infected: The infected will have 400% health initially,knife only and will yet again run in squads of three. STRICTLY ENGINEER.There will also be an admin on the infected side where you can let him know if you are suspecting bs on the survivors team where it will be dealt with immediately.

Top survivalists/squads will be announced on this page, and hopefully sometime soon when we think the rules and settings are perfected we will bring prizes into the equation!
NOTE: Please be patient with these rules as these are only our first prediction on making it the most enjoyable and balanced at the same time.


New here and wondering what to do when joining in on the server?
1. Join a team and wait patiently. Talking between each other is fine, but PLEASE quieten down when requested, as the information said will be extremely important for your team.
2. Be a fair player! If you've noticed someone on your team or squad is breaking the rules, please let them know to cut it out, or just let them know they are breaking the rules. As it helps the game run ALOT smoother!
3. ABIDE THE RULES. I can't say this enough, this makes it extremely frustrating for the admins AND the teams as it causes hold ups.
4. Your all out there to have fun remember! I will say it again, PLEASE if you see someone within your squad is breaking the rules and its having effect on peoples enjoyment tell them to cut it out!
5.In the larger maps we don't want to see anyone hiding in the closest bush, this will result in you beinging hurried a long. Although this doesn't mean you have to be constantly moving, we just don't want anyone hiding to be the last alive.
6. When you die as a survivor YOU'RE DEAD. No respawning at all! I'm sure you are all capable from preventing yourself to push the x button!


Official time & Date:

-Keep in mind this weeks session will be filmed by 2 maybe 3 people. On the Air-maps, the helicopter will be up getting footage and catching the mayhem from above!


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