MoB Academy
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Platoon Presentation

This platoon is the structure for people who do not qualify for the main platoon MassacreonBattlefield.
The people will be tested by leaders and will see if a candidate is well fit for everything. If the candidate succeeds that person will be granted in the main platoon.

If you are not at colonel 5 you must remain in here till you achieve it to the main platoon. and also have 3/4 of the skill requirements.

Platoon feed

  • yourcara was kicked from platoon MoB Academy.
  • HurriKane9 was kicked from platoon MoB Academy.
  • SGT-TryHard was kicked from platoon MoB Academy.
  • LucifersSpirit wrote on the wall for MoB Academy:
    For the time being the Academy is no longer in use. Us leaders just don't have the time to train the players right now. We need to focus on building a foundation of quality players and then maybe start up the academy again. Sorry guys.
  • YouIaughYouIose wrote on the wall for MoB Academy:
    scratch that McCabre will be training Aston.
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    SGT-TryHard It's going to be very difficult for the next week or so :o/ I'm back at work tomorrow for 3 days then I'm in Newcastle for 3 days and then I'm back at work again for 3 days... I'll just have to get on when I can I'm afraid!
    6 years ago
    McCabre123 ok thats fine hopefully we'll get lucky and both be on at the same time then
    6 years ago
  • YouIaughYouIose wrote on the wall for MoB Academy:
    Ganja, I want you to keep training cara Brawla, I want you to train RisSpark91 and mr_Clutch I want you to train Aston.
    Ganja-SA will do hes stoping by house later so me and juicy can show him some infantry tactics and pointers and then squad up with him
    6 years ago
    HurriKane9 iam ready whenever u are iam free anytime but just give me some time i might get premium back
    6 years ago
  • SGT-TryHard wrote on the wall for MoB Academy:
    Had some good games with MoB members last night, really enjoyed playing! I picked up a few tips and I'll be putting them into practice in the future! I'd also like to comment on the fact that I've been made to feel very welcome here in MoBA and every MoB member seems to be more than happy to help improve my game! So glad to be apart of MoB!
    YouIaughYouIose I'm glad this platoon is helping you out.
    6 years ago
    420_JUICY_420 u made a good choice joining.
    6 years ago
  • HurriKane9 joined the platoon MoB Academy
    Ganja-SA Welcome to the Academy man, be sure to add all of the leaders so you can get evaluated and make sure to register on the website any questions just let us know.
    6 years ago
    HurriKane9 sure thing
    6 years ago
  • mr_clutch907310 wrote on the wall for MoB Academy:
    Ok all new recruits i want you to add me on psn mufan1310 we will be on tomorrow... I am going to test you out and see how you do. If you do good then i will talk wit the others and see if they accept you. If there are any questions please fell free to ask me. Message me or comment on this if you can make it or not.
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    LucifersSpirit Yeah, but I've played with you for months now and I wouldn't tell you to apply for no reason lol. Once we're done assessing you, me & McCabre will have a chat and see where you are best played.
    6 years ago
    mr_clutch907310 yes, and brawla ylyl told me to handle this on...
    6 years ago