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Sadistic intelligent Combat knowledge [SiCk] (CLAN MATCH RECORD 9-1)

Match vs Apex Predators: pending proper continuation or their forfeit due to their inability to complete the match by quiting.

SiCk team members have come from all corners of the Battlefield to join forces and compete in Platoon vs. Platoon gameplay. Each individual brings with them a very unique skill set and the ambition to use those skills to the fullest extent.

If you choose to run with us you will be treated respectfully as a mature gamer, and the one rule is simple: HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT. SiCk exists solely to compete against other platoons and to have fun. By joining you are pledging your desire and availability to participate. There will be no hand-holding nor any iron-fisted platoon management.

Members are allowed to rock their “home” platoon tag if they still belong to a group mandating that a specific tag always be worn in the BF3 arena. The SiCk tag only needs to be worn during match play.

SiCk asks for players to maintain a 400 SPM and a 1.0 or greater K/D ratio. These are the bare MINIMUMS and are key stats representing your ability to stay up on your feet in a fight or to play in a group structure with medic support. If you are below these two thresholds per Battlelog, your true ability will be gauged by reviewing your gameplay during the last few months via the BF3stats website.

SiCk seeks members for specific roles in infantry, armor, air vehicles and support. Upon reaching the desired team size, we will be organizing group orientation events prior to upcoming matches. We generally play together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but setting some points down in order to be fully prepared will be done (I.e. group team play, communication, etc.). SiCk members are encouraged to take the initiative and assist with coordinating clan matches, and this will go a long way toward our success.

Our goal is to face other teams in PvP as regularly as possible. We need you to play to your strengths, assist your teammates, and to know your role within the squad/team for every match. PTFO goes without saying. We are truly committed to being competitive, no matter how steep the challenge. Do you have it in you?


Infantry Battalion (Assault/Support)
Armor Division (Driver/Gunner)
Air Squadron (Pilot/Gunner)
Support Group (Engineer/Recon)

In association with THE_K1LLERS, URBAN GORILLAZ, Hells Rejects (HR) Dead Mans Hand (A88A) WOLFPACK(PACK) Inglorous Basterds(INGB), and ICE (ICE) RESPECTED CLANS Knights of the Round Table(KRT),PHeoniX (PHX), the Militia (MT),and Head Shots(HS)

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