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Welcome to 1st Air Division
"We are AIR1, we can either be your best friend or your worse enemy."
Our goal here is to bring together the best and most team oriented players. But you have to be willing to share knowledge with others. We ARE friendly to the less skilled and are glad to help. Mostly because I fully understand how tough it may be off the start of the game. As long as you can prove your an asset you may stay. If you need training ask me. I do not monitor BL often please message either of my PSN accounts: 1. firetec159 2. AIR1-Clan .

Here are some simple recommendations or rules.
1. I do not EVER wanna hear racist or demeaning things said to teammates.
2. Tag is appreciated but not mandatory. I love seeing our tag on as it shows loyalty.
3. Respect my wishes. I do not want to sound bossy or rude but I ask you listen. All of what I say has a reason. Sometimes I will tell you why others I will not.
4. BE a TEAM player. Even if it means one more death to help out. Your K/D is not everything.
5. Feel free to ask anything you need.
6. Please try to make comments or post of questions on my wall or here. Or PSN.
7. Leaders get chosen by loyalty and who proves them self to me. Example: You show leadership in game or making strategy suggestions to me. Or you recruit people on BL or in game for
me. Recruiting people who wear our tags and help out almost can guarantee a leadership place. You have to work well with our other leaders.
8. Please be willing to accept constructive criticism on certain areas. Or give me some on clan and or gameplay levels.
9. Have fun but know when to be serious.
10. This is NOT mandatory but respected and appreciated and if you read #7 you may be entailed to this. Recruit friends and good players.
11. We are USA and EU. I play around 9pm to 11 pm EST TIME. I live in AB, Canada. If your EU I'll do my best to play with you and make matches so you may participate.
12. Spread the word on us. Talk to good players in game or on forums.

This clan is also competitive and will be participating in tournaments and scrims.
for competitive gaming contact firetec159 or AIR1-Clan over PSN

1. Be dedicated on playing as a team and/or a certain role.
2. Be willing to learn and try new things and receive or give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism
3. Have a mic (no exception)
4. Be on BL as often as you can for Updates. Or watch PSN inboxes as I love to use it.
5. Respect leaders namely: Richard, me, Gravs, Death , Elk.
6. Listen to you mentors. If you want help you need to listen.

SERVER: OFF (coming soon)

----------Available training----------
Jet course
Attack chopper course
Scout helicopter course
Tank course

firetec159 (founder)
elkgrovekid2k11 (currently inactive due to military services)
RichardL27 (recruiter)
Gravs (recruiter, professional forum fielder)
Death (recruiter)
Guerrilla.Pack (matchmaker)
------Upcoming matches------
please contact firetec159 to organise a clan match

You WILL be kicked for being inactive within the clan, inspections will be done every two weeks


Looking for Jets and Infantry. Tankers are welcome. So are pilots but do remember we have lots of Helicopter pilots so for matches first to confirm.

If your not sure about joining add one of the leaders preferably not me. As I do not have space I apologize. I have not had time to delete. I suggest Gravs and Richard. Or me if you directly message either of my Psn's firetec159 or AIR1-Clan. If you like what we have to offer feel free to recommend us. Or give us a like on our new Facebook page Battlefield Gaming.

Have a great day or night and Happy Hunting.

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