The Roman Empire
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Platoon Presentation

• The Roman Empire Will Be Great Once Again! They Will Kneel At Our Feet. They Will Fear Our Power! The Worlds Gonna Know Our Name.

• This is a Casual Community of Players, If You Want To Get Competitive Then Join Our Clan LEGIO XIII.

• The Roman Empire will be left for casual members as well as guest members from allied clans. If you are inactive for a while or wish to take a break then you will always sport SPQR tags but will only remain in The Roman Empire. Legio is for competition only! Ooh-rah!

-------------------------------** Allies **--------------------------------------

• Murk Squad - [ MURK ] -

• Tag Taken Mother Fukrs - [ TTMF ] -

• SiCk - [ SiCk ] -

------------------------------** Enemies **---------------------------------

• Apex Predators - [ APEX ] -
*** Kill On Sight ***

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