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When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed. -Russel Honore

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan

Where there is unity there is always victory. -Publilius Syrus

Nos and I made WsS to have a team to call our own!

Any information relating to WsS will not be on battlelog. So the use of the our main website should be a priority for all members. To apply you must first go to our website.

Success is a string of failures. Game with Fairness and Honor or don't bother with us.

Reserves will be wearing the tag WsSr. Their purpose is to be the reserves for those who can't make it to a match.
WsS will transfer over to PS4.
We are active in BF3 and BF4.

There will be no egos here, everyone should have the mindset of being a team rather than individuals. Our clan unlike most, is not trying to find the single best players on BF3/4 but looking for a few team players to make an attempt at building one of the strongest clans! Having a clan full of awesome players will NOT guarantee a win all the time the way you envisioned it, if they don't know how to work with one another. A good personality along with a playing style that flows well with our members is what WsS is looking for. This clan is for Casual and Competitive gamers alike. Gaming with friends is more fun!

When our members face each other;

It keeps competition in the server as well as the members can help one another by seeing where a certain member needs to work on and so forth. It is up to us to keep a healthy friendship with one another when facing one another.

1. Wear your WsS and WsSr tag with Pride!
2. Work to accomplish team objectives, not just your own individual goals.
3. While in-game always be with YOUR squad, it will be more effective when rolling together than going off on your own.
4. We do not spawn camp the enemy; this is not fun for anyone and competition will leave the server. Give the enemy a fighting chance!
5. There will be practices so that we can get better. (optional for Casual Gamers, but mandatory for Competitive Gamers that are looking to be a Competitive WsS.)

To be the best, you got to beat the best.

A.) Be mature
B.) Demostrate respect
C.) Be active on the website

Medics that we are looking for are the ones that know when to revive at the right time as well as K.T.R. Kill Then Revive! Our character's life is in YOUR hands!

We used to have a server on BF3 named;
Why So0o0o Serious? Proving Grounds

Will have a server on BF4, maybe.

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