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Tag: [m27] Fans: 3 Created: 2013-03-30

Platoon Presentation

just for those who love to play support, so no clan matchess.

founder: carboon94

leader: gjp1963j

support weapon ranks:

date placed: 30-3-2013

nr 200 with m27 iar
nr 1375 with pkp pecheneg
nr 1297 with m60e4
nr 1628 with rpk74m
nr 3626 with m240b
nr 5321 with m249
nr 2317 with mg36

nr 8802 with mg36
nr 68614 with m249
nr 60305 with pkp pecheneg
nr 46339 with m240b

if jou like to be in this ranking as wel contact me(carboon94)

if jou would like to join this platoon just ask, only no assault whores.

friend platoons:
dutch knife squad
De heroes

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