HooD O.E. Squad
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HooD's Operational Efficiency Squadron: Basically our own little trainers Unit. Only people willing to teach others to operate better should apply. We'll teach you how to work those corners ;) you see someone wearing this tag, you can pull them aside to ask how to do anything in the game whether it's flying or increasing your accuracy; or even just asking some tips about your favourite gun. We're here to help ;)


Tommy - Gunner seats, Chopper piloting and Assault Class
Ben - Engineer Class
King - Support Class
Preditor - Chopper piloting and Tank Driving
Shark - Jet piloting
Yahya - Jet piloting
JD - Believes he can fly, he believes he can touch the sky; thinks about it every night and day... Spread his wings and fly away. He believes he can soar, see him running through that open door. He believes he can fly, he believes he can fly, he believes he can fly; cause he believes in himself.

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