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For everyone who simply loves the 416! Join in this platoon AS A CLUB, so members of ALL EXISTING PLATOONS ARE INVITED TOO! You've got a liking to the rifle, now join the family of like minded people. 416 For Life!

As a member or as a fan, we also WELCOME FANS OF OTHER WEAPONS to join this club and share their thoughts on their preferred weapon :) #NoHatePlease

So come one, come all, join the Club and lets ROCK BF3 to bitz!

Happy gaming,

Uncle SAM needs You! ***Volunteer for our 416CoreTeam and make your Country&Club Proud!*** We're looking for remarkable soldiers who will wear the 416 Tag proudly and represent our Club at local and international matches. (Friendly & Competitive) We will be engaging in training with brother/sister platoons as well as our own sessions regularly but while we get better and better as a team, the most important objective is to have FUN! Please message me if you're interested to sign on full time!!!!! ***Make your Country&Club PROUD! Volunteer Now!*** Do the right thing. Tag13

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