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Platoon Presentation


Titles and Awards:
Worst Player Ever
Most Deaths in a Row
Fastest Ragequit Ever
Ugliest Streamer
99% Of Games Played on Metro
99.9% Of Games Played with M16
Lowest IQ PC Player
1000 Game "Being Carried" Streak

*All certified by Toby and Ninja and Badpack*


(XBOX): Already here!


Random Giveaways from Games to gaming Accessories

Giveaway winners:
-Xlostlegacy101X (Alan Wake)

Top Donations:
-DxHulk: $60.00
-Mrhenriksan: GTA Complete Collection
-thebadgerwi: BF3 Premium :D

Past Giveaway Winners:
xlostlegacy101x( Alan Wake)
windwalker_81 (Alan Wake)
DXHULK (Universe Sandbox)
Obtik(Dragon Siege Complte edition) 
Deathsniper125( Batman Arkham City GOTY) 

Future Giveways:
Steel Series Siberia V2.

Any Donations received are used to improve the stream and do more giveaways.

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