Oiled and Muscular
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Platoon Presentation

Look first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vw_-uylxNE

Hello there we are the Oiled and Muscular platoon. We are a band of brother who like Wrestling, Our goalis winning over the virgins. In our free time we play Battlefield 3.

Aside of playing you most have Body gliss (body massage oile) Recommended worldwide by docters, unique formulation that is never sticky or tacky, extra long lasting, does not dry out. It very good for Turkish Wrestling

How to use: apply a small or large amount of BodyGliss on any part of the body where extra moisture is desired.

If you want to join us you should at least have:

-K/D minimal 2.0
-Have a Mic
-BodyGliss oil
-Speak english
-Have mastert the art of Turkish Wrestling

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