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Mercenaries International Alliance

Established in 2005, we are a well organized, international clan looking to expand our console division.

This is a platoon/clan that is lookin for players mainly wanting to have some fun, and are tired of being a one man show. We do offer serious practices/training and we try to hold weekly clan scrims for our scrim team, but neither are mandatory. We always welcome guest players to share a game with. You don't have to sign up for our clan for this platoon, but if you're interested in being apart of the scrim team and wear |MIA| tags, we do ask you to join our clan.

If you'd like to chat one on one, please add any of the leaders (EndlessGrudge, or cowboy762) on battlelog, and we'd be more than happy to chat with ya.

If you are interested in joining the clan, go here to register for the website, http://www.miaclan.net/activity.php [miaclan.net] then here to fill out an application, http://www.miaclan.net/misc.php?do=form&fid=1 [miaclan.net] then add schlester23 on PSN, that's cowboy762. The few requirements we have can all be read on our website.

MIAclan.net PS3

If you are interested in scrimmaging with MIA, then get with cowboy762.

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