Competetive Elite
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Platoon Presentation

Only for absolutely dedicated gamers. This platoon will migrate to PS4 BF4.

In this platoon everyone is a leader. Make sure ONLY to recruit the best of the best teamplayers out there. Regular online time required. Write your PSN name on the wall, so we can add each other and squad up.

rilsoe // heli specialist - pilot/gunner - jet - tank
Iggie-DBoogie // heli specialist - gunner/pilot - tank
Your-Mom-IsNext // jet and heli specialist
Donihjel // all-rounder, AA-specialist
barrathomes // tank and all-rounder
FTTEAM // tank and all-rounder
DESTROYER_C4 // tank and F35 specialist
Bossman_key // all-rounder, tank

- You must be extraordinarily good at team play
- You must show the ability to support your team mates at all times
- You must show maturity and NO EGO
- KD 2.0 or above, skill 700+. Specialists are also approved.
- Previous experience with the BF franchise encouraged
- You show maturity in your gaming, and never make it harder for your team members for personal gain.

Competitive = Playing for the squad to ensure victory. Fights with high intensity no matter if a match seems lost or not. Never abandons his squad to play the winning team. Always supports each other, even if it costs deaths.

Elite = You have a passion for team based gaming, and are amongst the best at team play, when you join public as well as fixed games. You support team mates, even though you don't know them - and dedicates your effort to secure wins every single time.
You NEVER backstab team-members for personal gain (e.g. stealing, not repairing when able to ect.)

Competitive Elite - Play to win, play to support, love and fight for constant team play.

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