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Welcome to MetroGaming Community
This is the official community Battlelog Platoon for MetroGaming Community.
Which is a multi-gaming community. We welcome all. Our community is dedicated to making new friends and gaming in general. A friendly group/community, who enjoy the game for it's fun element without taking themselves too seriously and without huge egos.

▌Finished Cups:
● Battlefield 3 - Conquest Small 5vs5 Cup (Winner is CS)

▌Finished Events:
● Battlefield 4 BETA - 12vs12 PCW Event
● Battlefield 3 - Friday Event - 32 vs 32 Battle

▌Upcoming Events:
● Battlefield 3 - Friday Event - 12 vs 12 or more Battle
● Battlefield 4 - Friday Event - 12 vs 12 or more Battle

▌Upcoming Projects:
● Starting a new tournament for Battlefield 4 with prices.

▌Follow us:
● Teamspeak Server:
● Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6pGvxGU--b0h7kyFLsowdg
● Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/MetroGamingME
● Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MetroGamingCommunity

We are the best gaming organisation in the Middle East!

Help us to be better!

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