The Church of Murphy
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Church of AudyMurphy
Founded by: imFictional

Honoring the best Battlefield Admin. God bless America.

Order of the Pope:
The First Pope: imFictional
The Second Pope: I Am xCupCake
The Newest Pope: FlippinThompson

Order of the Cardinal:
The First Cardinal: I Am xCupCake
The Second Cardinal: FlippinThompson
The Newest Cardinal:

Pope: FlippinThompson

--------------------------------------------------------THE HOLY BOOK OF MURPHY----------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------Written July 4th, 2013-----------------------------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------The Story of Murphy as written by I Am xCupCake---------------------------------------

Chapter One: In the Before Time
Sergeant 1:1
In the before time, there was peace. There were no admins, and there were no rules.
Sargeant 1:2
It made competitive gaming nearly impossible. So the all powerful EA/Dice said:
Sergeant 1:3
Sergeant 1:4
And so it would be done.

Chapter 2: To each, a Kingdom
Sergeant 2:1
Along with this new realm, came a new power: the server admin. A holy being whose ability to strike fear in the hearts of any mere player was a power that was desired by all in the land.
Sergeant 2:2
These "admin kings" could banish you from there kingdom at any moment, without warning or cause. If you displeased them, they would not hesitate to smite thee were they stood.
Sergeant 2:3
One of these "kings" would create a name for himself, a terrible name, a name that is not to be said in vain...
Sergeant 2:4
He was SgtAudyMurphy1

Chapter 3: The Rules of War
Audy 1:1
With his rise to power, SgtAudyMurphy1 would etch his demands with his bare hands into the entrance to his kingdom.
Audy 1:2
He called them: Rules

Rule I: Thou shall not kill Murphy or any of his apostles in a way that displeases them

Rule ll: Thou shall not spawn trap

Rule lll: Thou shall not use smoke

Rule IV: Thou shall not C4 kill

Rule V: Thou shall not use the tac lights

Rule VI: Thou shall not use explosives in an excessive manner

Rule VII: Thou shall not use a weapon with 100 Service Stars

Rule VIIl: Thou must use a large scope on a sniper

Rule lX: Thou shall not be a "Closet Colonel"

Rule X: His word is THE word

Audy 1:3
With these rules, Murphy demanded respect from the "mere players"
Audy 1:4
But this message did not sit well with these "mere players"

Chapter 4: The Great War of Our Time
Audy 2:1
There was chaos in Murphys' kingdom. The best infantry available went it his server day by day, only to be cut down by his banhammer, and the hammers of his apostles.
Audy 2:2
What he could not see was the fact that too many rules, lead to too many problem players. He would deal with these players by applying his rules, sometimes making up new rules to fit his demands, banning players at leisure. However, there was one problem that even Murphy could not have forseen.
Murphy 1:1
"We are displeased"
Murphy 1:2
And the battle continues, even now. We enter his server to bring him down, and we are removed from his kingdom, only to come back in again.

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