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Platoon Presentation

Hey everyone this is Th3 Minions and I am your leader C-FORCE98. This is a clan in bf3 and soon to be bf4 were new players can join and with the help of myself and my right hand man and best bro Bradshaw1217, we will turn you into a better player and possibly add you to our competitive clan. There are no real requirements just that you play battlefield at least once or twice a week with myself or Bradshaw. Also if anyone is interested in helping us with teaching players then just message me one my psn account and we can talk about your position. We are currently looking for a coach for the recon and engineer class. All coaches will be added to the main clan if you want.

Current Coaches
Head Coaches: C-FORCE98, Bradshaw1217
Assault Coach: C-FORCE98
Engineer Coach:
Support Coach: Bradshaw1217
Recon Coach:
Tank/LAV Coach: C-FORCE98
Jet Coach: Caveman9245 (Occasionally)
Heli Coach: pilot-C-FORCE gunner-Bradshaw1217
Chopper Coach: Bradshaw1217

1.Respect everyone players not just clan members
2.When you join you start at the bottom but the only people in charge are
myself, bradshaw, or your specific coach do not let senior members walk all
over you or tell you what to do.
3. Also do not argue with clan members or any clan allies. If there is a
problem let a coach know and we will handle it. Arguments will get you
kicked out.
4. Age does not matter here. You will respect every member or coach. I don't
care if you are 30 and your coach is 13 get over it. If I make them a coach then
then they are clearly qualified for the job.

Ways to get promoted:
You can get promoted in three ways.
1. I personally promote you
2. Your coach recommends you and a vote is taken
3. Your squad passes one of random teamwork test


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