Maggot Hunters
Tag: [MHA] Fans: 15 Created: 2013-07-02

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Welcome to Maggot Hunters Association! this clan is for u if you: sweet revenge on bipod maggots.
2.Camping maggots
3. Mag pro tube maggots
4. Hate mailing maggots
5. Tbagging maggots
i think yalls get the jist.
Clan requirements:
Any hate mail sent to a MHA member the response must be discussed for maximum laughter and them useless maggots.
Must say maggot at least 5 times a match.
Must also be creative to get maggot in the sentence some how.
Must now call the magnum the mag hand cannon.
Must call the spawn beacon the maggot breeder
Most important, kill all maggots on sight and help members kill their problem maggots.
There are so many mags out there on the battlefield. We come across it every day, from a badmin maggot to a pot plant green thumb maggot that camps on his claymore.
We in this association want to stop all maggots in their maggot tracks and hopefully one day have a world with no maggots.
Invite all worthy mag hunters
We dont scrim , we aint serious, we just hatin on dem mags boi!

Clan motto...
"The only good maggot is a dead maggot"

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