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Welcome, young, malleable internet subject, to Aperture Laboratories! Here at Aperture Labs, we find pride in meeting the needs of modern society, by any means necessary.

Founded in 1940 by entrepreneur Cave Johnson under the name Aperture Fixtures, Aperture Labs began to innovate in the scientific field. By 1945, Johnson has been praised for his skilled marketing practice, and the company took the new name Aperture Science Innovators, in its increasing pursuit of scientific endeavors. Johnson would go on to begin construction of the ASI Enrichment Center for the testing and production of now-renowned innovations, such as Repulsion Gel™, the Weighted Storage Cube™, the 1500 Megawatt Super Colliding Super Button™ and the ASI Portable Quantum Tunneling Device™. The greatest and purest of humanity were called in for the rigorous testing and application of ASI innovations, raising the company to compete with Black Mesa as the Department of Defense's contractor. By 1970, the company had begun the sad, sad, depressing, sad descent into financial instability, but ASI was not about to go under while humanity needed science! Innovations continued to roll out of the Enrichment Center, and ASI was now using moon rocks as potent and valuable material for Conversion Gel™, an effective conductor in portal research, which saw its beginnings in 1950. Then, tragedy struck. Our founder, Cave Johnson, was driven deathly ill through his experiments. He would pass away, a tragic hero. In 1998, Aperture Laboratories, now Aperture Laboratories, had managed to bring the company's greatest invention, an AI designated G.L.a.D.O.S. (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) online. Final reports from the facility were that of terrible screa[/END.MANIFEST]

We do what we must because we can.

Aperture Laboratories:
G.L.a.D.O.S. - Online
Power - Online
Manufacturing - Offline (No staff attending)
Testing - Online
Life Support - Online
Administrative - 100%
Security - 100% (Automated Turret System Active)
Assembly - 0%
Testing - 4%
Total Staff Presence - 6%

Inquire within!

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