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Tag: [ONE] Fans: 31 Created: 2013-08-01

Platoon Presentation

Plotone ONE nato il 1 agosto 2013, iscritto ad FN6 Conquest Ladder 12 vs 12

''Siamo gli ONE, abbiamo un casco, un passamontagna, uno zaino pieno di cose misteriose ed un badile per scavarci una fossa dove camperare!''

'' We are the ONE, we have a helmet, a balaclava, a backpack full of mysterious things and a shovel to dig a camping pit!''

Dreamers: Maso - Buugo
From an idea of: Lor-Enzo

- [ONE]Lor-enzo1996 (Inevitable Consequence)
- [ONE]Buugo44 (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]Madmaax (Grande Leone Nero)
- [ONE]Valeangel89 (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]Dissmor (InFamouS Esport)

- [ONE]Eric Harris
- [ONE]Rokital (Delta Fox Force)
- [ONE]Nerone (Lone Wolves)
- [ONE]Darknight9608 (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]DriolassaEmir (Lone Wolves)
- [ONE]T-1009 (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]Ooweda2blu (Italian Gamers Elite)
- [ONE]Ricky93 (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]Ronman
- [ONE]Filbez (Reges Victores)
- [ONE]Freaky (Grande Leone Nero)
- [ONE]Marko492
- [ONE]RageAXL (Delta Fox Force)

- [ONE]MasoDomination (Legend of Dragoons)
- [ONE]Driver95
- [ONE]Alin (Delta Fox Force)
- [ONE]Mr Apache (Delta Fox Force)

- [ONE]Profilo80 (Delta Fox Force)
- [ONE]Reaper (Grande Leone Nero)
- [ONE]Neo (Reges Victores)

♛ 9th place at the 6th season of FraggedNation (FN) 12 vs 12 Conquest Ladder on Battlefield 3. (2013)

Recruitment status: OFF
(Totally inactive, the best of ONE still continue on BF4 with Reges Victores Clan

This Platoon still remains as a ''remember'' for who loved and believed in this dream with us, playing against the best BF3 Clans with a little army like ours was an amazing experience, thanks to all!

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