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"Another contender for the newly developing PDW market the MP7 is currently in service with the German Bundeswehr and the Norwegian Armed Forces. The MP7A1 includes an improved stock, additional safeties, and added rails for mounting lights, lasers, and sights. The weapon is also capable of being suppressed, giving it excellent close combat stealth performance."
— Battlelog description
The MP7 is featured in Battlefield 3 as a PDW.
In singleplayer, the MP7 appears alongside the M40A5 in Night Shift. It is equipped with a Holographic Sight, a Suppressor and the Extended Magazines attachment. It is used by Kaffarov's guards in the Kaffarov with the same name.
It can also be found in The Great Destroyer with Extended Magazines, IRNV scope, Laser Pointer, and a Flash Suppressor.

In Co-Op, it is the starting primary weapon for both players in Hit and Run. It can also be found on some enemies in the same mission.
It is unlocked for multiplayer when an overall score of 34,000 points in Co-op is reached. Formerly (before the R3 patch) 189,000 points needed to be achieved in Co-Op. It is the third co-op weapon to be unlocked.
The MP7 has a high rate of fire, being the fastest fully-automatic primary weapon apart from the FAMAS. The damage is low, meaning even a few missed shots might let the target survive. This, coupled with the small magazine size, means that aiming down the sights is very important, even at close range. Unless the optional extended magazine attachment is equipped, which doubles the magazine's ammo capacity and changes the weapons reload animation, the gun is not suitable for taking on multiple targets, unless they are standing in very close proximity or one behind the other. The MP7 also suffers from the most significant and most noticeable horizontal recoil in the game. Coupled with it's extremely high rate of fire, the MP7 accuracy at range deteriorates rapidly, and even at medium ranges where horizontal recoil usually isn't a vital factor.

However, like other PDWs, the MP7 has very accurate hip fire accuracy. Paired with the Laser Sight and Extended Magazine, the MP7 becomes a very mobile and accurate weapon.

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