Airborne Assassins
Tag: [AIrA] Fans: 5 Created: 2013-08-10

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Airborne Assassins

We accept clan battles :

Welcome to Airborne Assassins!

Clan Battle History : No matches played yet

Add leaders and members.Very important!!!

Platoon Style:
~We Play as a team~
~We help eachother~
~We are Aireborne Assassins! Ready to dominate the Battlefield~

Age Restriction : 14+
MUST speak English :
Clan tag must be used! :
Must be able to communicate with your team/squad members :
Must work as a team... Medics revive! Support give ammo! Recons spot & use Beacons wisely :
Alpha Squad:

Bravo Squad:

Charlie Squad:

Delta Squad:

Echo Squad:

Foxtrot Squad:

The ideal member would be somebody who is great at communicating with his team. Team work is more important then ranks. People who put in the most effort will be rewarded .. If you ar not familiar with each others playing styles then get into a match with eachother and learn ! .. watch each others backs and work as a team .. this is Airborne Assassins and we are a team working clan .. we will be getting clan battles and the people who show the most effort will be playing .. good luck to all of ye and welcome to Airborne Assassins!

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