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Platoon Presentation

We are Virtual Rampage vR-, we are focusing on competitive play and and developing our skills in the competitive scene.

We are looking to recruit competitive gamers, if you are in vR- you must rep the tags and act in a way that would reflect well on the clan.

Inactive members will be removed from the platoon, vR is "exclusive" if you join another clan you will be kicked from the platoon/clan.

Our website is : http://www.virtualrampage.com/

Our TeamSpeak 3 address is:

Sublime (limE):
-ManKid (Captain/Clan Founder)
- ArcticE (Co-Captain)
- PrincessHell
- iVertiiX__
- xRage
-|| Fr3sh ||

Lemon (LemN):
- L4tto (captain)
- Baketay
- Anticitizen37
- caFFienemo
- Kayley

Primordial (PriM)
- Skipz (Captain)
- Shatzy (Captain)
- Phorrj
- SpartanN10
- FrugalLemur

Coconut (cNut):
-Zoidburg (Founder/Captain)
-Dr.Bilson (1st Ltnt/Captain)

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