The Shadow Warriors
Tag: [M98B] Fans: 3 Created: 2013-09-01

Platoon Presentation

If you are an aggressive sniper or a long range combatant and want to be a part of us then we welcome you.. New platoon here looking for members with high numbers of kills with any sniper or high headshot ranges. No real requirements except if you think you want to join us then i will gladly challenge you at your will on any map of your choosing (dont worry im not like other guys that will curse you out immediately if you beat the shit out of me, i will be happy to know that ive met a great challenge from someone i didnt know). Friend request me directly if you want to meet me or if i ever come across me another leader to appoint or anything or my leaders from my other platoon as well i will let them have the position here as well.

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