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--- 100% Cheat-Free
--- 100% Teamplay
--- 100% Fun

►About Us
The "core" of our little organisation here is composed of a bunch of game-loving german fellows, who know each other from school or even since kindergarten times. We love gaming with our friends while showing that we belong together. Meanwhile we kinda 'internationalised' our clan, as we also accept players from different countries. Although we had the opportunities and skill we are, at the moment, a non-competitive clan, but maybe one never know :)

►Criteria of Recruitment
- Most importantly you should be social, friendly and fit in our group!
- Be respectful to other players!
- Be over 17 years old!
- Give everything for your squad and team, as you will experience it all in return!
- Play in color-blindness-mode, so you can see squad members!
- Have a nice accuracy and skill!
- Don't be 'always-offline', come online regularly and let's rock!

►Achievements in Battlefield 3
[GCS] > [TAOE] °°° WIN
[GCS] > [TL] °°° WIN
[GCS] > [FaF] °°° WIN
[GCS] ? [EAES] °°° ?

►Apt Quotations
|||"We can fly, we can drive, we go beastmode in close combat. We love gaming, we love gaming with our mates! Thats our clan :] "|||
|||"GamingChamps, aka. GCS, stands for Skill, Coolness(temperature), Aiming, Kindness (not for those who are rude), Caution and Calmness. We already reached hundreds of hours of gaming and hell yeah, we know how to play. We know how to aim and we know strategies to survive. Either deliberated procedure or just Rampage. (Pullestro,Leader)"|||

In case you wish to challenge GCS to a versus-match, just contact Pullestro or FastMantopil.
Got any more questions? Feel free to ask!

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