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Founded in 2004, Forward Line of Own Troops is an online gaming clan focused on teamwork and camaraderie.

We are a clan where all members have a voice and the ability to regulate our servers to keep
them smacktard-free. We invite all active community minded players to join; there are no stringent requirements and no mandatory practices or silly military ranks. We are equals with one goal: to be free of smacktards.

Join us on TS3 to chat while fragging -- flotgaming.typefrag.com:5425

This platoon is for FLOT members only. Visit us at FLOTGaming.net and join the forums if you're interested in clan

While competition is not a main cornerstone of FLOT, we do enjoy competitive play and have taken part in the following leagues and ladders over the years.

Battlefield 2142: TWL NA - 5v5 - Season 1 League
Battlefield 2142: BFCL Season 1
Battlefield 2142: BFCL Season 2
Bad Company 2: TGL Semi-Finals
Battlefield 3: CEVO 5v5 Season 1
Battlefield 3: CEVO 5v5 Season 2
Battlefield 3: TWL 5v5 CTF Fast Attack Ladder :: #1 Record: 7 / 1 - (0)
Battlefield 3: TWL 5v5 Infantry Only Conq. Ladder :: Record: 9 / 4 - (0)

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