Wake Island Warriors
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Clan history:
The Wake Island Warriors is a gaming community found back in '06 on the tropical grounds of Wake Island BF2.
Throughout the years we have had many servers. We had:
1) 24/7 wake island bf2 server, 32 slots
2) 24/7 strike at karkand infantry only bf2 server, 32 slots
3) 24/7 wake island bf3 server, 32 slots
4) 24/7 Strike at Karkand HC infantry only bf3 server, 64 slots
Throughout the history of our clan we have had a number of members come and go from countries all over Europe (and a few Americans). However, the core members always remained. Even today many of the staff are people who have been in the clan since the old battlefield 2 times.

Our clan consist of mature players that go for teamwork and a great time together online. Currently we run 1 BF4 server running Paracel Storm, Siege of Shanghai and Hainan resort. To facilitate communicating we have a Teamspeak 3 server and a stunning website with an vibrant forum. All of our members get a reserved slot at our server(s).
Visit our website for more information on our servers, members and the Wake Island Warriors Community in general. Anyone is welcome to register at our site and join in on the public forums!

Platoon information:
This platoon is for =WiW= members and =WiW= Recruits. All full members are wearing WiW as clantags, recruits on the other hand wear the WiWR tags.
The platoon leaders are the clan moderators and the recruiters. You can contact them if you have questions regarding recruitment.
Clan leaders:

Global forum moderator (contact this person if you have forum issues):


Current recruits:

You think you have what it takes to be a member of our clan? Then please apply at our forum or our platoon. One of our recruiters will contact you ASAP on the process!
Please note the following:
- We have an age limit of 18 years, people under this limit will not be accepted.
- We ask that all persons applying have a minimum of 25h playtime on our server(s).
- We ask for activity: this means we expect possible recruits to be active on our forums and server(s).
- Cheaters will be turned down.
- Our battlefield 3 recruitment is closed, except for family of our current members or special exceptions (people who have been around for ages)

Contact information:
Feel free to join us in teamspeak at any time. The address is: We do not have a password but reserve the right to kick people who disturb teamspeak.


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You like our servers? You like =WiW= as a clan? But you dont want to join the clan itself? Then why dont you apply to one of our friend platoons?



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