Killzone Zero
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Killzone Zero is a mature (18+) gaming clan supporting FPS, MMORPGs, and RTS. We started with BF1942 and have played every Battlefield game since then (including Battlefield Heroes!). We also play other games together not restricted to the Battlefield series should a fun new game come around. We believe in good teamwork and a relaxed environment when playing together. Games are our escape from life, not our only life!

We still play BF3 often as a group every day, joining servers together and playing the objective to its fullest and having a blast doing so. If you want real teamwork with skilled players who aren't try-hards either then look no further and friend/join us on Ventrilo to see what we're about.

Killzone Zero's 24 slot Server:

Recruitment form:

Applying to this platoon on Battlelog does not merit recruitment! You must apply on our website and get on our Ventrilo server to get to know us. (Ventrilo information on our website)

* You must accept our rules if you would like to participate with Killzone Zero. Rules are located in our clan forums.

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