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== As "Angels 'n Rockets" does not exist anymore, this platoon is not active too ==

Welcome to the platoon of "Angels ´n Rockets" - an international Battlefield gaming clan since 2006.

- This platoon is ONLY for members. If you like us you´re more than welcome to be a fan or to apply to our platoon, designed specifically for our friends, called: "AnR Clan Buddies" :)
- Following our platoons does not mean you can use [AnR] tag in the game. [AnR] is reserved for full members
- If you want to join =AnR= you need to register on our website and apply

You are more than welcome on our TS3 or forum.

Please update your TS3 bookmark with the new server address:
PW: ponysquad35

Feel free to join our 32 slot BF4 mixed modes server :
-> AnR - Heroic Unicorns
Rules of the server:

Rule 1: No baserape
Rule 2: No roof camping/ No glitching
Rule 3: No SMAW, grenade, grenade launcher SPAM
Rule 4: Don't be an asshole
Rule 5: English only in chat ( squad/team/general chat)
Rule 6: Recruting for another clan than =AnR= is NOT allowed. You will be banned instantly. Only AnR's are allowed to recruit on the AnR server.

For you: If you feel mistreated by admins, complain at

Stay in touch with [AnR]:

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  • Chimera76 wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    It is with a sad face that I have the unfortunate task of informing anyone who read this, that the clan Angels n´Rockets (AnR) is no more. What started many years ago in Battlefield 2142 with I, SqeakyRocket, Fallen74Angel and some good friends is now over. I have meet some of my best friends ever in this clans and I can easily say, some of the most fun moments in my life has been because of the many people who made AnR; boys and girls from all over the world - joined up for their love of gaming. It’s been an honor playing, talking and having fun with you all – and I mean everyone. But everything has to come to an end sometimes, even the best of things. So farwell you dearest of friends; let us remember the good, glorious times from Bad Company 2 and proudly walk in into the future knowing that what we accomplished in AnR was something few will experience ever again. Good Bye Angels n Rockets I type with tears rolling down my cheeks; farwell and rest in peace. SqeakyRock
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    Chimera76 Thank you.
    5 years ago
    ColshyKush sad face :(
    5 years ago
  • Chimera76 wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    Have a nice welcome to our new members: horsyhorsePL & SilverWriggles
    Maverick-VSG Didn't last long, and platoon is 64 now... But nonetheless welcome :P
    5 years ago
  • Panamros_Zar wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    Time for me to sail on other seas ! It was fun while it lasted, but I was away from the clan life for too long, and it's time for me to move along with some new guys. I wish the best to all of you, and keep on rocketing !
    Maverick-VSG Aye captain, good luck to ye...
    5 years ago
    Chimera76 No note in the forum...sad, really sad.
    5 years ago
  • Chimera76 wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    Sign in for the petition to add Battlerecorder to BF4. Infos and video by JackFrags here:
  • Samev was kicked from platoon Angels 'n Rockets.
    Chimera76 Comment: Samev left [AnR] its own - not to cause a wrong impression! Player has no access to this account anymore so a kick was inevitable.
    5 years ago
  • k0571n was kicked from platoon Angels 'n Rockets.
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    TheHoffmann as if someone can forget k0571n and his allmost balled head! =P
    5 years ago
    k0571n :) i agree, and who can forget hoffy the smiling dane :D
    5 years ago
  • Chimera76 wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    Anyone up for some Saturday night BF4?
  • k0571n wrote on the wall for Angels 'n Rockets:
    Bye bye all !
    Chimera76 :(((((
    5 years ago