Organization XIII
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An elite group of nobodies stationed in The World That Never Was. There are people who dare tell tales of this mysterious group of ruthless marauders. Whatever ugly story you hear, understand this-- we actually did MUCH worse. We don't just take bases and blow up vehicles. We sweep the leg. We throw babies out of windows. We put grandmas in armbars. I've personally seen D-Psipher yell at a tank, rip the top part off with his teeth, then elbow drop the base of the tank until it exploded. I didn't even bother to ask him why later. We communicate, we organize, we drop health/ammo, and our only objective is to win. Dominate the room. If you're on the other side, i suggest switching teams or leaving the server; if you're worried about your face, about face. We are the REAL Organization XIII. Sorry about your damn luck.

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