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Platoon Presentation

Server 1: |mSt| 01/03-Mixed Mode-200% Tickets-THEMUDPIT.CO.UK| IP:

Server 2: |mSt| 02/03-City Maps-THEMUDPIT.CO.UK| IP:

Server 3: |mSt| 03/03-4v4 Squad Rush-THEMUDPIT.CO.UK| IP:


To apply to join |mSt| clan go to our forums join thread:

ESL homepage

Donations for server:

Benefits of donating/VIPing incl.;

- Reserved slot, admin will kick non squad random players to make room for VIPs if server is full
- Server set up decided in VIP area of forum
- VIP nights where we lock the 16 slot squad dm for in house games
- private vent channel for VIPs to use
- VIP clan members have priority for clan officials

Dec/Jan donations received to date:
Zoso ($20)
QuickSilva ($15)
Jezzah ($10)
Stueysteel ($20)
King4Q ($23.59)
Kimo ($30)
D13H4RD ($30.84)
Arcanon ($30)

Extra donations;
D13H4RD (£9.23) -2nd payment this month-
Jez (£12) -2nd payment this month-
Kimo (£9.23) -2nd payment this month-
Dipper (£21.77)
Daz (£20)
Stuey (£5.90) -2nd payment this month-
Hazy (£7.96)
ZoSo (£10.17) -2nd payment this month-
ZoSo (£10.17) -3rd payment this month-
Arcanon (£12??) -2nd payment this month-

Record of prev. months donations


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