Team Razer
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Platoon Presentation

Server Rules:-

1; No Tanks till 10 active players
2: No RPG at infantry unless admin isnt looking ;)
3: No C4 on flags and M-com (MARK!!!)
If you have any map requests ask an admin.

Everything else goes!!!!

This special Platoon consists the best of the best of the best of the best of the best Players!!

Over the years our players have extraordinary powers and unique
teamplay appropriated and give our opponents a lot of work.

The RZR Community can proudly say, that we have very many
ProGamers and ensure clean and fair but hard gameplay.

Our members come from all over the world and includes today
more than 14 people, they share our passion to play on the

Assuming you care, if you should encounter one of these players
on the battlefield... RUN

We have a 16 player game server, just search our clan tag --- [RZR]

We are now recruiting!!!! please apply if you would like to join the Razer Squad us.

Our Homepage:

You are Welcome!

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